Eschalot delivers consistently beautiful cuisine with an elegant and understated sense of occasion.

Every dish is created with style, innovation and beautifully compliments the unique location of the restaurant.

Passionate about provincial techniques and produce, Owner / Chef Richard Kemp has revived the very best from European Regional influences to create a sensory dining experience that is as delicious as it is rewarding.

See head chef Richard Kemp doing a featured spot for Breville Australia.

The Produce

Eschalot established it's gardens over 10 years ago.

We grow as much as we can on site and tend to the garden ourselves. This not only encourages involvement from the staff, but gives all of us a chance to get outside and get some dirt between our toes.

We have 2 greenhouses for seedlings and for growing the more delicate items during the Southern Highlands winter. Most of our kitchen waste goes into our compost which in turn goes back into the garden. We also have an underground well under the building which we utilize for watering our gardens.

We're sure you'll taste the difference in every herb or vegetable that has come from our garden to your plate.


Eschalot Restaurant – Since 2003

Eschalot restaurant has been operating since August 2003. Our philosophy has always been the same – to provide fresh food of the highest quality and combine it with professional and very friendly service in an elegant and relaxed environment. Every staff member you see here believes in our product and what we do which is a huge factor in our success.
We are all passionate about food, wine and the hospitality industry.
Since 2003 Eschalot has been awarded 11 Chefs Hats and numerous Industry Awards.

The Produce

If you noticed walking into the restaurant, we have our own vegetable garden. We grow as much as we can on site and tend to the garden ourselves. This not only encourages involvement from the staff, it also tastes unbelievably fresh. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference in every herb or vegetable that’s come from the garden to your plate. We also source as much of our other produce as we can from local producers.

The Wines

Our extensive, eclectic and diverse wine list has been 14 years in the making. We feature wines that we feel suit our current menu and the current season and try to support the “dark horses” in the wine industry. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for advice when selecting your wine as we will always try to pick the wine that is best suited for you, your palate and your dish. Gourmet Traveler Wine List of the Year 2 Glass Rating

The Chefs

Eschalot prides itself on being a training ground for young Chefs. The menu shows the skill & creativity of our kitchen team as they create a seasonal menu using unique & Native ingredients. These young Chefs have found the fine balance of being creative and using modern techniques, while staying true to the Eschalot formula of well balanced flavours.